Aerco SmartPlate
The Smart way to generate Domestic Hot Water

AERCO brings precise temperature control to water-to-water heater construction to satisfy commercial DHW needs without the need for storage tanks and blending valves.

When paired with a condensing hydronic boiler, SmartPlate heaters can utilize boiler water as little as 5°F above the required potable water temperature to minimize radiation losses and maximize boiler efficiency.

Each fully packaged solution includes a control panel and sensors, a potable water side circulator with clean out connections, DHW drain valve, as well as shut-off valves and inlet strainers on both the boiler water and DHW sides. To ensure longevity, all water wetted (potable water side) parts are stainless steel, copper or copper alloy materials. Available in single wall and double wall configurations, SmartPlate heaters utilize a PID temperature controller, load monitoring system and electronic control valve to maintain ±4°F temperature control of up to 90 gpm domestic loads at 100°F rise. The heater can be remotely monitored and/or fully integrated with BAS software.



  • Support up to 90 gpm Loads
  • ±4°F Temperature Control
  • Compact Footprint <10ft2
  • Fully Modulating Variable Primary Input
  • Packaged with Controller and 3-way Electronic Valve
  • Field Adjustable for 2- or 3-Way Application
  • Supports BAS Integration
  • All Stainless Steel, Copper or Copper Alloy Wetted (Potable Water Side) Surfaces



  • LTBW; Up to 150 PSIG, 220°F
  • Set Point Range 50°F to 180°F
  • Single or Multiple Installation
  • Ideal for New or Retrofit
  • Domestic Water Tempering
  • Cooling Applications